We deliver your product with the utmost quality and accuracy in a variety of scenes, industries, and media.



Space Creation






Projection Mapping



Arcade game

|Exhibitions & Main Stage Video

We produce the main stage videos for domestic and overseas exhibitions, launching new products, and various exhibition events. Using 3DCG, photos of the product, motion graphics and more, we create intriguing video that clearly introduces the function of a product, concept, and corporate initiatives.

|3D Projection Mapping

We produce 3D projection mapping content that projects an image three-dimensionally with a projector on outdoor buildings, indoor panels, fixtures, and more.

|Commercial Advertisements

In a high-end production environment, we provide high-quality imagery in the production of commercial advertisements for new products.

|Corporate Video Packages & Showrooms

We produce promotional and exhibition videos for new products that are used mostly for over-the-counter sales promotion, Web sales, DVD and Blu-ray packaging, and more.

|CG Modeling (for products)

We create 3D modeling for products, schematics for the material and external appearance, animation settings, and more. We reproduce the photorealistic appearance, mechanisms, and behavior of products based on CAD data and 3D illustrations.

|Game CG & Development of Game Machines

We produce consumer games, pachinko & slots, online games, and 3D character modeling, animation.

|CG Animation

We create 3DCG cel shaded animations, doing everything from modeling characters and mecha to creating motion.


We produce background music, jingles, and sound effects, narration recordings, as well as studio recordings all in-house. Additionally, in the case of producing video game music, we meet directly with the client to create music that not only suits the concept but we also actively propose music.