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◆Expanding video productions along two fronts in advertisement and development

The video and graphic production departments undertake the planning and production of general advertising content such as TV commercials, product/service promotional videos, and corporate video packages.

Additionally, we conduct child actor auditions, search for overseas and local shooting-locations, and participate in meetings with clients until you’re completely satisfied.

The 3DCG production department undertakes the planning and production of product-related CG modeling and entertainment content such as video games, animation, and arcade games .

The newly established Space Creation Department proposes plans that incorporate new technologies such as large-scale imagery such as at exhibitions and showrooms, projection mapping, and VR/AR.

Section 01 – 3DCG

We work on a wide variety of projects that use various 3DCG technology,from modeling to animation, special effects, simulations, and composites.

Section 02 – MOVIES

We provide total support for general video productions, from planning to composition, staging, shooting, graphic production, video editing, multi-audio mixing, and master production.

Section 03 – GRAPHICS

We create detailed and exquisitely designed images from motion graphics to special effects and video editing.


We produce large-scale imagery used for exhibitions and showrooms, projection mapping, and VR/AR.

Section 05 – SOUND DESIGN

We handle all aspects of sound, from production of background music, vocal music, video game and anime music, as well as producing sound effects and audio mixdown.