Creating new worth that brings Wonder and Amazement to the whole world.

We first started our business in 2006 as an advertising video production company focusing on 3DCG.

Based upon our experience with producing advertisement videos for major home appliance makers, toys, and game makers, we expanded our domain to include content planning and production in the entertainment field, such as games, pachinko machines, and animation.

Currently, we are developing our business on two fronts: producing promotional videos and creating entertainment content.

In recent years, not only have we worked on special images like projection mapping, AR, MR, VR, Vtubers, etc., we are also actively involved in the development of technology such as the real-time 3DCG rendering for high-speed and large-capacity 5G transmissions and stimulating the senses in space production.

Our greatest strength is the fusion of the total creative responsiveness created by combining the video, motion graphics, 3DCG, sound, and space creation sections, as well as creating new, creative expressions and content by combining the 3DCG and space creation sections.

This is where creative expression and content creation become possible.

With “Surprise and Excitement” as our theme, we at Type Zero will constantly challenge new things to further enhance our creative power.

Basic Policy on Information Security

Fundamental Principle

We actively work to secure our client’s information during production of promotional videos and large-scale videos of companies and products and projection mapping, and carefully protect the information assets of our customers and client companies obtained through our business activities.

Recognizing that properly maintaining the security of this information requires constant care and attention throughout all of our business activities, we will implement information security measures based on the following policy:

Basic Policy

1. Our managers and all employees perform information security measures in order to properly manage information assets.

2. We understand and comply with business and legal or regulatory requirements and the importance of contractual security obligations.

3. We establish and maintain Information Security Management (ISM) along with strategic risk management to ensure the trust of our customers.

4. We will always evaluate the risks to information assets properly and implement continuous improvement of ISM.

December 1, 2020
Noritaka Matsuuchi
CEO Type Zero Co., Ltd.

ISO / IEC 27001 certification

Type Zero Co., Ltd. has acquired ISO / IEC 27001 certification,which is an international standard for information security management.

Applicable Standards:
ISO/IEC 27001:2013
JIS Q 27001:2014
Registration No.: JQA-IM1785
Registration Date: May 28, 2021
Department:   Video Production Department
Space Creation Department